As the leading provider of visitor and volunteer management software, we offer elegant solutions that are simple to set up and easy to use.


No need for proprietary hardware or difficult installations.

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As many operators as you need at no additional cost.


Complete control of your facility’s visitors, volunteers, students, staff, and more.

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In less than 45 seconds, Keepntrack identifies, verifies, and records who is at your facility and if they should be there.

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Throw out old binders and spreadsheets. Screen and approve volunteers instantly from anywhere. Generate crucial reporting data on your volunteers in seconds using our web-hosted software.Learn More
Verify who is approved to sign students out. Easily record late arrivals and early dismissals as well as the reason. KeepnTrack allows you to maintain 100% accountability of your students at all times. Learn More

How KeepnTrack Works

Visitors Managed
Sexual Offender Checks
Criminal Background Checks
Reasons not to use KeepnTrack
Student safety is our first priority. We understand that our parents entrust the safety of their students to us each and every day. Initiatives like the [KeepnTrack] visitor management system are a direct response to the expectations of parents and students for a safe and secure school campus.
Don Breedlove, Paulding County School District
We believe this is a product that is ultimately going to result in a much more safe and secure situation for our kids, and that’s what’s most important.
Michelle Irwin, Brevard County Schools
[KeepnTrack] adds another layer of security at the front of the building.
Brad Kent, Assistant Principal, Russellville Middle School
I love it, I can’t come up with a better word. Our children shouldn’t be within 1,000 miles of someone like that, let alone on the same property.
Robert Arthur Sr., Parent of three, Saturn Elementary
Within 45 seconds, we get a readout. If everything is all clear, the individual has a visitor’s pass printed out and within a minute they’re in the building and free to go about their business.
Robert Kobylski, Volunteer Coordinator, College Community Schools

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