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Like most parents, I believed my kids were safe when they were at school. However, without an accurate way to screen and track the visitors and volunteers who were around my kids, I knew there was potential for disaster. As a parent volunteer, I also had a hard time keeping track of all the hours I volunteered.

Using my years of experience developing software and my love for my children, I built KeepnTrack. KeepnTrack is elegantly designed, simple to set up, and easy to use for both school administrators and parents. In seconds, it screens visitors and volunteers to ensure they belong at the school.

Ignorance is not bliss—know who is in your school. There are huge benefits for both administrators and the community when they implement KeepnTrack in districts, school, and other facilities.

Bill Schjelderup, President & CEO

Meet The KeepnTrack Team

Kendi Milton
Kendi MiltonRegional Sales Director
Kendi joined the COMPanion Team several years ago. She has over 10 years of experience in Sales and Marketing across many industries. She understands the importance of understanding and identifying customer’s needs and making sure expectations are met. KeepnTrack is a simple solution that saves time, improves organization, and adds a layer of security to your facility. Please reach out to schedule a demo or to see how KeepnTrack will solve your problems.

Josh Hutchings
Josh HutchingsLead Trainer & Support Specialist
Hello! My name is Josh Hutchings and I am one of our Lead Trainers, Sales Engineers, and a long-time member of our awesome Technical Support Team. As the KeepnTrack featured expert, I am one of the first fresh faces, or voices, that a large number of our clients work with when setting up and learning our program. One of my personal passions is offering my time to others. As a volunteer I’ve created self-sufficient daycares in Kathmandu and chatted up Robert Redford while working with the Sundance Film Festival.

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