Save Time, Improve Security, Reduce Risk

Keep Your Students Safe—Track Visitors to Your School

KeepnTrack is your software solution to better school security. It’s designed to improve outdated methods for monitoring the visitors who come to your school. KeepnTrack streamlines the visitor sign-in process—instantly storing visitor information and providing administrators with instant sex offender and criminal background checks.

With KeepnTrack visitor management software, you ensure the safety of your students and staff members by eliminating the guesswork of front office security.

Make Volunteer Management Easy

As the volunteer coordinator of your school, you understand the importance of accurately tracking volunteer information. KeepnTrack is web-based software that offers a proactive approach to effectively managing your volunteer programs. Applicants enjoy the convenience of applying onsite or online and all applicants are automatically screened with criminal background checks.

Use KeepnTrack to organize volunteer activities and record volunteer hours logged. With KeepnTrack’s dynamic report options, state-mandated records for each volunteer are easy to save and submit. Color-coded badge labels give administrators the ability to differentiate and identify each volunteer and their specified activity.  

If you are looking for a way to simplify how you track visitors and volunteers to your school, contact us today and discover the power of KeepnTrack.


No need for proprietary hardware or difficult installations.

24/7 Support

We are the only providers in our industry with 24/7 live technical support.

No User Limit

As many operators as you need at no additional cost.


Complete control of your facility’s visitors, volunteers, students, staff, and more.

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