Where Did Billy Go?

Billy’s parents are on the phone, distraught—he never came home from school.

You begin frantically searching your attendance records. You ask his teachers and the office attendants. Billy’s homeroom teacher tells you he came to class that day, but left before lunch.

You can’t decipher the name on the sign-out sheet…what are you going to do?

Luckily, this story has a happy ending. A few hours after school let out, Uncle Ned dropped Billy off at home. Apparently, Ned thought it would be fun to take Billy to the State Fair for the day.

After the school decided to implement KeepnTrack—Uncle Ned was not added as an authorized guardian and Billy never went missing again.

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Why Choose KeepnTrack?

Web Hosted

No need for proprietary hardware or difficult installations

24/7 Support

We are the only providers in our industry with 24/7 live technical support

Unlimited Users

As many operators as you need at no additional cost

Useful Reports

Reports give you complete control of your facility’s visitors, volunteers, staff, and more



How does it work?

Sign In

Students may be late to school for a variety of reasons. These can be annotated in KeepnTrack when signing in a late arrival. This information can be imported into your current Student Information System (SIS) for accurate reporting.

Sign Out

Specify who has permission to sign students out, and record dates and who signed them out. The reason or activity is also recorded and can be imported into your Student Information System (SIS).

Reliable Security for the Safety of Students

We hope that you never experience the nightmare of trying to locate a lost child. Our software was created to safeguard against frightening situations like this—and in the event that a child does go missing, our software provides the means for tracking any activity related to the student, including who signed Billy out last.

With KeepnTrack student tracking software, you always know where your students are. Only pre-approved parents and guardians are authorized to sign students in and sign them out. If a child is signed-out, mobile text and email alerts can be set to notify individuals that their child has left campus and at what time.

Additionally, digital timestamp records accurately log all facility and visitor information. With our school visitor software, you have accurate records of every visitor that has come to your facility on any given day—including the time they entered, the time they left, and additional information obtained from their driver’s license.  

All school visitors and volunteers are screened against the National Sex Offender Registry to limit liability. Optional school criminal background checks can be set to further the security of your students and staff and our color-coded badge labels serve as a quick visual reference to ensure the right people are in the right place and approved to be on campus.

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Student Attendance Management System

What You Can Expect



  • Fast sign-in/out of students
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Use on most web devices
  • Easy customization



  • Immediate student reports
  • Improved accuracy
  • Liability mitigation
  • Greater level of accountability



  • Manage access for specific people
  • Authorized sign-out
  • Sign-out email or text alerts
  • Predator deterrent

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