Are You Tired of Endless Paperwork?

You love working with passionate and dedicated volunteers, but managing them uses a lot of your valuable time.

Your current method may include a compilation of binders, spreadsheets, faxes, and third-party reports.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to screen, process, and manage all your volunteers in one simple and easy-to-use application?

Stop wasting time and see how KeepnTrack can put you on the road to redemption.

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Why Choose KeepnTrack?

Web Hosted

No need for proprietary hardware or difficult installations

24/7 Support

We are the only providers in our industry with 24/7 live technical support

Unlimited Users

As many operators as you need at no additional cost

Useful Reports

Reports give you complete control of your facility’s visitors, volunteers, staff, and more

How Does it Work?

Online Application

Instead of making your volunteer applicants take multiple trips to your facility, direct them to a custom online application which can be filled out anywhere from any web-enabled device—even their smartphone!

Then you can review the applications when it best suits you.

CBC Services

Many facilities require volunteers to undergo a Criminal Background Check (CBC). Rather than faxing or emailing sensitive information to a third party, run a CBC from the comfort of your office.

KeepnTrack adds another level of certification for your volunteers, allowing you to mitigate any potential adverse situations.

Quick Reports

In seconds, know who volunteered at your facility, how long they were there, and what activities they were involved with.  KeepnTrack keeps you in compliance with any state-mandated reporting protocols.



School Volunteer TrackingSave Time—Make Managing Volunteers Easy

KeepnTrack is a web-based volunteer management solution designed to simplify and help you effectively track your volunteer hours and activities—that tedious work that normally takes you hours to do is done in seconds. Our easy-to-use software requires no installation or maintenance. Our staff performs all backups, updates, and maintenance for you.

Organizing volunteer programs is simple with KeepnTrack. Our web-based software provides volunteers with the convenience of applying onsite or online. All volunteers are instantly screened against the national sex offender registry. Optional school background checks and color-coded badge labels serve as additional security measures available for the safety of your students.

What Else Can KeepnTrack Do?

Not only does KeepnTrack simplify volunteer management, it improves the safety of your students and staff. Our software tracks every visitor that comes to your facility using an electronic sign-in and sign-out method. All visitor information is instantly time-stamped and stored for future reference.

First-time visitors to your school scan their driver’s license or state-issued ID to gain approval before being granted access. Frequent visitors to your facility, such as parents, teachers, and students can quickly sign-in and sign-out using their KeepnTrack ID cards at the self-service kiosk.

Additional security preferences are available to give administrators the ability to limit student sign-out to authorized parents or guardians, further screen their volunteers, and receive notifications for late arrivals, early dismissals, or absent students.

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What You Can Expect



  • Save time
  • Improve efficiency
  • Consolidate records
  • Improve the process



  • Get accurate reports
  • Mitigate potential issues
  • Integrate into existing systems
  • Have accountability



  • Easy application process
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Secure private information
  • Accurate hour tracking

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