1 Million Devices

Fundraising Campaign

Our SIS partner GG4L is leading a "1 Million Devices" fundraising campaign that aims to match corporations, foundations and individual philanthropists (including parents) with K-12 schools serving economically challenged communities, whose students are being forced to study remotely from home due to school closures caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

If any of your students are not able to afford broadband connected access devices (PC’s, Laptops, Tablets or Smart Phones) that would enable them to learn remotely from home while being locked-down in their homes during your school closures, please request donations now!

Do Your Have Devices or Resources to Donate?

Please consider joining KeepnTrack™ in donating cash and/or in-kind (refurbished and/or surplus access devices) to our economically disadvantaged students that need them the most.

School Passport Access

COVID-19 Emergency Grant

GG4L’s School Passport, Single-Sign-On platform, is now available free to schools affected by the Covid-19 school closures. The platform powering The Global Grid for Learning is purpose-built for K-12, designed to revolutionize how education technology is deployed, measured and financed. The GG4L platform helps schools deploy cost-effective EdTech solutions thanks to the generous support of GG4L members and sponsors.
Welcome to The Global Grid for Learning™ COVID-19 Emergency application. Each school grantee will be the recipient of an integrated suite of one or more EdTech solutions that address your school closure needs. A representative from GG4L will contact you within 48 hours to initiate the process of provisioning the solutions for you. Our goal is to make it possible for schools and districts to have access to the best EdTech tools that can solve their needs.

How Does KeepnTrack Help You
Improve Visitor Management?

Improve Security

Take a proactive approach to campus safety by vetting every individual who enters your facility, while storing information about their visit.

Empower Staff

Give administrators the tools and information to make accurate decisions related to every area of person management on campus, in real-time.

Focus on What Matters

Save time and resources by automating data capture and retrieval, allowing staff to accomplish their primary responsibilities without interruptions.

Try KeepnTrack for free with the Safer Schools in America Grant.

Track, Manage + Report

Here is a snapshot of just some of our powerful features.

KeepnTrack is transforming visitor management.

Want to see the full list of features and benefits? Click the link.