General FAQ

1How do I install KeepnTrack?
KeepnTrack is completely web-based, which means you don’t have to install anything, and can access all facets of KeepnTrack from most desktop computers, laptops, and tablets.
2What are the hardware or system requirements for KeepnTrack?
Please view our System Requirements page for details.
3Does KeepnTrack offer training?
KeepnTrack offers online (webinar) training, in-house training, and on-site training with one of our experienced trainers. You also have access to our online Support Center and Training Videos.
4Can I use KeepnTrack across multiple sites/facilities?
Yes. The KeepnTrack Subscription fee is based on the number of sites.
5What does my Subscription cover?
KeepnTrack hosts, maintains, and backs up all of your data. Your Subscription covers these services, as well as 24/7 Technical Support, and extra materials like infographics, whitepapers, and tips.
6How can I see a demo of KeepnTrack?
Fill out the form on this page and we will contact you as soon as possible to arrange your free demonstration. We can't wait to hear from you!

Visitor Management FAQ

1Can I run sex offender checks?
Yes, sex offender checks are automatically run on every visitor.
2Where is the sex offender information coming from?
KeepnTrack uses more than 1000 sources to give you accurate information about your visitors.
3What happens if there is a sex offender match?
If there is a potential match, KeepnTrack discreetly informs your staff. Alerts can be sent to selected people by email or text.
4Does a staff member have to be present at the office or kiosk?
No, KeepnTrack can be used in a self-service kiosk mode; however, we recommend a staff member be present at all times to mitigate any problems.
5Can I program alerts?
Yes, you can configure KeepnTrack to send text or email alerts.
6Is there a way to differentiate between visitor types?
Use colored badge labels to differentiate between visitor type and activity.
7Can I manually enter visitor information?
Yes. If you are not able to scan an ID you can easily enter the visitor’s information into KeepnTrack.
8How long is the sign in/out process?
The average sign in/out process takes 30 seconds or less.
9What if the visitor has no ID?
If a visitor does not have an ID, you can manually enter their information in the system.
10Can it take a photo?
Yes, you can take a photo to keep on record and print the visitor’s photo on the badge that they are given. You can use a simple USB camera or similar device.
11Can I scan IDs?
To increase the speed of the sign in/out process, you can use a 2D scanner which will populate the KeepnTrack fields.
12Is KeepnTrack bilingual?
¡Sí! KeepnTrack can be used in English and Spanish.
13Can I use my own computer?
Because KeepnTrack is web-based, you can use almost any device that is web-enabled. See our System Requirements for more details.
14Do my visitors need their Social Security number?
You do not need to have a visitor’s Social Security number or card to run a sex offender check or a criminal background check.
15What kind of visitor reports can I run?
You can run history reports on visitor activity in a variety of formats, including a simple 1-line report or a list with pictures.

Volunteer Management FAQ

1Can I run Criminal Background Checks (CBC) on volunteer applicants?
Yes, KeepnTrack allows you to run criminal background checks using only the applicant's name and birthday. You can choose to require criminal background checks before an application is approved. NOTE: All background checks must comply with the FCRA.
2What information is included in a CBC?
There is not a national standard format for CBC. Some may have detailed information while others may not. Typically, CBC records contain the offender’s name, age, sex, address, book date, and the offense.
3Can I run sex offender checks?
Yes, sex offender checks are automatically run on every visitor, and you can manually run checks on any applicant or person record.
4What are the procedures for a positive CBC match?
Your institution must develop policies inline with your current procedures to address such scenarios.
5Can I track hours and activities?
You can easily track volunteer hours and activities and create custom reports. When a volunteer signs in to and out of KeepnTrack, the time is recorded on their record.
6Can I automate the volunteer screening process?
Yes—choose to automate application approval, sex offender checks, background checks, and final verification.
7Do I have to manually approve every volunteer application?
You can choose to manually approve each application, or automatically approve each one.
8What if a volunteer applies under a fake name?
If you turn on verification requirements, then even when the application has been “Approved”, the status of the person will be “Pending” until their ID has been verified in person and their information has been entered in KeepnTrack’s Verification module.
9Can I assign my volunteers to specific locations?
For large school districts who centrally process volunteers, you can specify which location(s) approved volunteers can attend.
10Are Social Security numbers required for sex offender or criminal background checks?
You do not need a social security number to run a sex offender check or background check.
11What types of volunteer reports can I run?
Run volunteer reports on History, Activity Details, Family Volunteer Hours, Contact Information, and more.
12Can I use my own computer?
Since KeepnTrack is web-based, you can access it from almost any web-enabled desktop computer, laptop, or tablet. See our System Requirements for more details.

Student Management FAQ

1Can I specify who is allowed to sign students out?
Yes. You can specify who is allowed to sign in/out each individual student.
2Will parents know if their kids are signed out of the school?
Yes. If you turn on sign-in or sign-out notifications for a student record, alerts can be sent via email or text message.
3Does the system keep track of tardies?
You can keep track of tardies and the reason for each tardy. You can also export a CSV or tab-delimited file to integrate with your current Student Information System (SIS).
4Will KeepnTrack integrate with my SIS?
Not directly, but you can import a CSV file and map the fields, which will ease the integration process.
5Can I customize sign in/out activities?
If you want to track specific activities such as a field trip, doctor’s appointment, or family emergency, you can easily set custom fields to choose from during the sign in/out process.

Hardware FAQ

1What types of hardware can I get for KeepnTrack?
Driver's license scanners, printers, badge labels, key fobs, and more. See our Shop.
2What’s the difference between a 1D and 2D scanner?
Think of a barcode. Chances are you pictured a linear series of varying lines—this is a 1D barcode. Now picture a QR code. That's a 2D barcode. 2D barcodes can contain much more information than their 1D counterparts... such as driver's license information. A 2D scanner will scan simple 1D barcodes as well as 2D information such as QR codes and your visitors' driver's licenses.
3How do I take a picture in KeepnTrack?
You will need a camera, such as a USB camera or web cam. When you sign in a visitor, click the Capture Picture button.
4What types of printers can I use with KeepnTrack?
We currently offer 2 types of printers that work well with KeepnTrack: The Dymo Labelwriter 450, a single roll thermal printer; and the Dymo Labelwriter 450 Twin Turbo, which supports for example labels on the left and tardy slips on the right.
5Where do I get supplies for my printers?
You can purchase tardy-slip (receipt) paper and various-color badge labels in our Shop.

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