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KeepnTrack is one of the nation’s leaders in campus security. Our innovative visitor, volunteer, and student management system empowers administrators by allowing them to filter and monitor all traffic on their campus - in real time - through an automated visitor screening and management process.

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Track, Manage + Report

Here is a snapshot of just some of our powerful features.

How Does KeepnTrack Help You
Improve Visitor Management?

Improve Security

Take a proactive approach to campus safety by vetting every individual who enters your facility, while storing information about their visit.

Empower Staff

Give administrators the tools and information to make accurate decisions related to every area of person management on campus, in real-time.

Focus on What Matters

Save time and resources by automating data capture and retrieval, allowing staff to accomplish their primary responsibilities without interruptions.

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KeepnTrack is transforming visitor management.

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