Speed Up the Visitor Sign-in Process

KeepnTrack ID Cards and Keychain Fobs

Ideal for Frequent Visitors

Your volunteers are on-the-go - don't hold them back with manual sign-ins. KeepnTrack ID cards provide an efficient method for logging and organizing all visitor information.

Activation is Quick and Easy

Assigning accounts, deactivating users, and replacing lost or stolen cards can be done in minutes. The unique barcode serves as the identification of the person it is assigned to. Once you have attached a card to an individual in your system, provide the user with the wallet-sized card and key tag. When users come to your school, they simply scan their ID card or key tag to sign in. All visitor information is instantly time-stamped and recorded in the system, and your work is done!

An Optional Convenience

KeepnTrack ID cards are not required, but simply provide convenience for visitors, volunteers, students, and staff alike.