Visitor Management Done Right.

Track, manage, and report on all visitor
activity at your facilities.

Increase Efficiency

Save your time and efforts for what really matters

Improve the overall performance of your school or facility by automating time-consuming, mundane tasks, such as logging names, dates, times, etc. Removing these disruptive auxiliary tasks enables your staff to perform their primary functions much more productively. The uniform protocols facilitated by the system make managing traffic on campus an orderly process.

Mitigate Liability

Take the guesswork out of school security

Take a proactive approach toward incident prevention and management by replacing unreliable paper sign-in forms with electronically stored data that is easy to retrieve and aggregate. Also, identify and filter threats before they can gain access to your campus by running instant sex offender and criminal background checks.

Reduce Cost

Insight that helps you make better decisions

Maximize your budget by eliminating operational waste that comes in the form of unnecessary spending and staff time occupied by inefficient procedures. Not only does KeepnTrack streamline many activities essential to daily operations - freeing up resources to be allocated more productively - the powerful reporting tools empower administrators to make fast, accurate, and confident decisions.

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Visitors, Volunteers, Students, and More


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