Criminal Background Checks

Why should you use criminal background checks?

The #1 reason you should run Criminal Background Checks (CBC) in a school is to mitigate risk. Risk management plays an enormous role in every industry but more so in education and non-profit spheres.

What information will they tell you?

Since there are no standard reporting methods for criminal records, some checks may have very detailed information about the offense and the other parties involved while other reports will have minimal information. The basic information is the name of the offender, date of offense, and the type of offense.

How much will it cost?

Price and cost are two separate issues. The price can vary significantly based on how in depth the background check is. The potential cost of not running background checks on that personnel, namely teachers, visitors, and volunteers, who are entrusted with the care of children is too great to be overlooked.

Both the offender and the organization can be named in a lawsuit. However, the plaintiff will likely name the party that can afford to pay any damages that are awarded, which in most cases is the school or non-profit organization.

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