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May 28, 2020
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New KeepnTrack Coming Soon!

Summer is set to bring exciting changes for KeepnTrack customers as they get upgraded to the all-new web-based KeepnTrack. The shift to the updated platform is crucial due to the outdated nature of KeepnTrack v3, which hasn't undergone development for several years. With the upcoming update, customers can look forward to a program that aligns with current industry standards and future-proofs their visitor management systems.

What Should You Expect?

What can users anticipate with this update? Enhanced performance and stability are top priorities, ensuring a smoother experience for all users. The utilization of modern web technology will not only improve the efficiency of the platform but also enhance web and data security, giving users peace of mind. From simplified preferences to customizable roles and branding options, the new KeepnTrack is designed to offer a more tailored and user-friendly experience.

Exciting features like persistent kiosk settings, customizable terminology, saved reports, and more granular security settings are on the horizon. Keep an eye out for terms adjustments - "Facilities" will become "Sites," and "People" will be known as "Users." Looking ahead, features such as user management with SIS integrations like GG4L are in the pipeline, promising even more functionality and seamless integration in the future.

What Should You NOT Expect?

While the new KeepnTrack promises a wave of exciting updates, it's essential to acknowledge the features that will not be available initially, which may come as a disappointment to some current users. Among the missing functionalities are free background and sex offender checks; instead, tokens will be necessary for their operation. Additionally, the absence of volunteer applications within the platform might pose a challenge for users accustomed to streamlined processes, but fear not! Solutions like utilizing Google Forms and importing responses into KeepnTrack can offer a temporary workaround until volunteer applications are integrated.

Camera support for Users or Kiosks is another feature not yet available in the new KeepnTrack, along with limited classifications and activities options. The absence of history UI, editing history, and merging patrons functionalities may also be felt by users who relied on these features for administrative purposes. However, the developers assure that future updates will address these limitations, providing a more robust and feature-rich user experience down the line. In the meantime, rest assured that subscription costs will remain unchanged, and advancements like saved operations showcase the platform's commitment to evolving and meeting user needs as efficiently as possible.

What Should You Expect To Do?

We know big changes can be daunting. Please review all the upcoming changes by going to our Support Center. Your KeepnTrack representative will be able to help you with switching and licensing. If you have any additional questions, our friendly support staff are happy to help! Email or call at (800) 320-5830.

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