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How to Thank Teachers During Distance Learning

When schools closed abruptly due to Covid-19, teachers worked hard to make distance learning work. This week, encourage students and parents to thank their teachers for their amazing work as educators. If you need a tip or two on how to show your teachers appreciation during distance learning, check out our five ways to say thank you below.

Send a Digital Giftcard

During Teacher Appreciation Week (or any time this month), send your teachers a digital giftcard to local restuarants or businesses. This is a great way to support your local businesses, but also show your staff your appreciation.

Send a Personally Written “Thank You”

The purest form of gratitude is a personal “Thank You”. Take the time to handwrite a thank you note to recognize a teacher’s accomplishment. You can do this throughout the school year. Make sure to copy each thanks or appreciation note to place in the teacher’s file. At the end of the school year, you can use these copies to draw on positive moments as you compose teacher evaluations.

Thank You Cookies

You can send cookies (or any other kind of baked yummies) to your teacher’s doorsteps. Send out a quick email in the morning letting your staff know to watch their porch steps.

Video Appreciation

Reach out to your school community to give shoutouts to their teachers and staff. Students, parents, and school community members can film themselves acknowledging teachers. You can compile these video clips together to send to all your teachers. This is a great way to create connection and engagement between the your staff and students.

Listen to their Needs

Teachers will feel the most appreciated when principals and administrators listen to their needs. This can be something you do throughout the school year. Communicate with staff to hear what they need and what can be improved upon. Giving teachers a voice shows you validate their opinions and needs.

Show teacher appreciation often. Teacher Appreciation Week is a good reminder that our teachers work hard and care about the impacts they are making. Teachers feel more confident and happier about their work when they are recognized and thanked regularly. Teacher morale is a side effect of appreciation. In the upcoming school year, learn how you can boost teacher morale and show recognition year round.

Teacher Appreciation Week Poster

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