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7 Inspiring TED Talks on Education and Technology


In today’s classrooms, we are trying to integrate technology, creativity, and learning. It may seem impossible for smaller, or lower budget schools to incorporate these elements in the classroom. It may even be challenging for larger schools to combine the right resources for student education. But, educators are finding ways to connect students with technology in surprising ways.

Education and Technology

We have 7 Ted Talks to inspire innovation in education and technology. From using tools like computers and games to inspiring creativity by asking questions, these videos will inspire us to change our thinking on education and technology. Let us know which video inspires you the most in the comments below!

1| Do Schools Kill Creativity?

Sir Ken Robinson makes an interesting argument about creativity and education. As the most watched TedTalk at over 48 million views, he states that the current classroom needs to incorporate education with creativity and technology. In between his witty banter and funny comments, the message of challenging school systems to nurture creativity in students comes forth as the most important topic


2| How Art, Technology, and Design Inform Creative Leaders

John Maeda is an artist, designer, and former president of the Rhode Island School of Design. He dedicated his life’s work to linking design and technology. His Ted Talk speech from June of 2012 brings about three crucial aspects in a hands-on approach to education– technology, design, art, and leadership. Maeda argues how education and technology are connecting people physically and digitally. He shows how each element has a correlating concept by making possibilities, solutions, questions, and actions.


3| A Delightful Way to Teach Kids about Computers

We are coders! Our kids and students are coders and programmers, and they don’t need a computer to be so. Linda Liukas shows us how our daily hobbies like knitting, playing guitar, conjugating French irregular verbs, and more can make you a programmer. Liukas’ short Ted Talk emphasis the need to provide children tools to build with computers.


4| How Games Make Kids Smarter

You can say Gabe Zichermann is a gamer. As an entrepreneur and author, Zichermann shows how games are making kids better problem-solvers, multi-taskers, and helps them retain concepts. He is the pioneer of Gamification. We don’t think it’s the end of reading books with a cup of tea on a Saturday morning, but video games are the future building blocks for student education.


5| 12 Year Old App Developer

Wise beyond his twelve years, this young man is a leader and innovator. Thomas Suzrez made two apps. His app Bustin Jieber became a success. Thomas wants to help other students by creating a place to share knowledge by encouraging the involvement of teachers, family, and mentors.


6| Let’s Teach Kids to Code

“Learning in meaningful context.” That’s what computer scientist, Mitch Resnick sees as a result of teaching kids to code. Resnick explains that kids learning to code gain important concepts that can be used in a real-world application. The process of design, practicing creativity, and using relevant skills to learn code prepares students for the changing world of technology.


7| The Call to Learn

Clifford Stoll is captivating in his TED talk about learning. He is an astronomer, educator, and skeptic of technology. Including his TED talk speech may be hypocritical, for his skepticism of technology in the classroom. However, his message of learning can be linked hand in hand with asking questions and using technology to find answers.


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