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November 8, 2019
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November Friendship Poster

There are a variety of personalities in the classroom. From faculty to students, harmonious relationships make it easier to create a safe environment for learning. Helping individuals form friendships and positive relationships is easier if you plan.

This month’s theme is friendship. Download our free education poster below and check out our three tips for encouraging friendship in the classroom.

November Friendship Poster


3 Ways to Encourage Friendship in the Classroom

Incorporate Friendship into Curriculum

The lessons and books studied in class can help foster friendships. Choosing books, activities, and lessons can help expose students to positive and supportive messages. Try selecting activities and games that model cooperation and teamwork to build these attitudes that spill over into friendships.

Create a Respectful Learning Environment

The first step to take as an educator is learning more about the students in your class. Be sure to learn about each individual’s personality, talents, and preferences by implementing “about me” activities. These activities can help students make connections with one another based on similarities. A classroom that is not tolerant of bullying and that rewards supportive behavior can go a long way towards building lasting friendships.

Switch Things Up in The Classroom

Make changes in the classroom set up by rotating seat assignments, changing responsibilities and roles, and physically moving desks. Switching things up in the classroom can help ensure that students have the opportunity to learn and work with others—giving kids the opportunity to connect with new individuals.

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