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Every School Needs a Librarian: Here’s Why.

Every School Needs a Librarian_ Here’s Why.
Reading is vitally important for student success. When students become lifelong readers they also become lifelong learners. Well-known scientists, entrepreneurs, and mathematicians learned most of their knowledge from reading books. Elon Musk, for example, taught himself rocket science because he challenged himself to read every day.

Librarians are the ones who help to facilitate and inspire students to become lifelong readers. Not only are librarians working alongside teachers, but they are teaching students critical skills. Research has shown that it is more likely for students to score higher on standardized testing in schools where librarians spend more than 20 hours per week teaching. It's not a coincidence that students perform better when a certified librarian holds a position in the school.

With that being said, here's why every school needs a librarian.

Why You Need a School Librarian

Developing the Library Collection

A library's collection is a work in progress. School librarians are continuously improving their collection to fit the needs and wants of the school community. They are specially trained to build collections by sorting out damaged, outdated, or no longer relevant books to make room for new materials. They are also taught to meet the content requirements of children's and young adult books for academic standards—an entire process that requires expertise and time.

Engaging Students in Academic Programs

Well-curated library programs are the result of librarians working to create library events, lesson plans, and activities to engage students in learning. Librarians are moving into new positions, where they are creating lesson plans to instruct and educate children in technology, research, and literacy.

One example is the rise of the makerspace culture. Librarians create programs like STEAM by making spaces for students to explore science, technology, arts, and math. These programs give students the opportunity to apply what they've learned in the classroom for hands-on learning.

Learn why makerspaces are essential for student education!

Supporting Academic Success

School libraries managed by qualified librarians help to foster 21st-century skills in students. It is also proven that students’ academic achievement increased on standardized tests in schools where a strong library program is implemented.

As mentioned above, librarians are moving into more of a teacher’s role. You can often hear school librarians using the title Teacher Librarians. Today’s teacher librarians are contributing to the development of skills like reading, information, and technology literacy. But, they are also supporting classroom instruction by coordinating with teachers to support unit topics and discussions.

Assisting Teachers in the Classroom

Teachers can rely on school librarians to assist in literacy instruction. As highly trained professionals in print, visual, digital, and technology mediums–librarians can support teachers by helping them to implement strong literacy programs. Teachers can collaborate with school librarians to build classroom libraries, create successful reading programs, and incorporate quality texts in unit instruction.

Leading as Technology Liaisons

Librarians work with technology daily, for they are trained to be tech-savvy and information seekers. Questions about computers, printing, handheld devices, tablets, phones, e-readers, and other technologies are being asked more and more often by not just students, but teachers too! Librarians have become tech experts to assist their patrons better.

Librarians are Important for Student and Teacher Success

Librarians are an essential asset to student education. The library and librarians inspire students to become lifelong learners, readers, and explorers. Not only do the statistics support the importance of librarians, but their work in student success is immeasurable.

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