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October 31, 2018
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Happy Holidays from KeepnTrack!

Free Holiday Poster

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas

The year is winding down and soon it'll be the winter break. It's safe to assume that all students (and most educators) are a little distracted as the holiday season approaches. In celebration, feel free to download our free poster to hang in your office or school halls. This month's poster is highlighting Charles Dickens, an English novelist known for works like a Christmas Carol and A Tale of Two Cities.

Download the poster below! We also have a few tips on how to write a holiday message to the school community before the winter break.

Holiday Letter to Faculty, Students, and Parents

The holidays are a time to show others your appreciation. Thank teachers, volunteers, students, and parents for their hard work and support by sending out a holiday letter. These messages offer the chance to highlight new programs, refreshen school mission, and re-enforce education goals for the school year. Check out these tips to sending out the perfect holiday message to the school community:

Share Your School's Mission Remind the school community the overall mission of your school and the vision it values. This is a time where you can introduce upcoming programs and initiatives that help the school reach its goals.

Highlight Successes Similar to introducing new programs, you can also share specific accomplishments from current initiatives to help students reach their full potential. Use examples to show how students are being challenged, the opportunities available, and student engagement.

Give Recognition Educating students is a collaborative task, involving everyone in the school community– teachers, parents, school board members, and school counselors to name a few. You can spotlight contributions from those who have played critical roles in helping students succeed.

Message Distribution Distribute your letter in a variety of formats. You can send the message as a hard copy home with students, email it, or post it to your school or district website. You can also utilize social media like Facebook and Twitter. Whichever method you choose, its best to choose the means of communication that will increase the number of people who read the letter.

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