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January 15, 2016
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May 26, 2016
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How Parents Can Help Improve School Security


Schools have multiple resources and plans when it comes to keeping your children safe, especially if they use KeepnTrack Visitor Management Software. But what can parents do to contribute to their child’s safety while they’re in school?


Every school has an evacuation plan for any type of situation they might expect to encounter, and routinely practice drills with students and staff to ensure things go smoothly if the occasion arises. Parents can help by learning the emergency procedures of the school, and reinforcing them with their children.


In the case of an emergency, main roads may be blocked or unavailable. Take some time to explore multiple routes to and from school, and take them every so often instead of the usual way. If they become familiar and second nature, you’ll be able to think clearly and quickly in a real emergency.


Communicate any special needs your child may have to his or her school. Beyond food allergies or physical disabilities, it can be beneficial to mention stressors from home, bullying, or other struggles in class. Open communication with the administration can ensure your child is as comfortable as possible in class.


Lastly, the most important thing parents can do is talk directly with their children about safety. You may assume they receive all this information at school, but it’s important to be open about it. School safety is a serious subject, and should never be minimized or brushed off. Explain what to do if a stranger approaches, how to get in contact with loved ones quickly , or what to do in the instance of an emergency.


KeepnTrack monitors each and every visitor or volunteer that steps on campus, and protects your children with a background and sex offender check. We do our part to protect what matters most.


Do you have any other ideas of what parents can do to teach their children about safety?

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  1. CampusLive says:

    Parents are concern towards their children security in schools and the last point which you mentioned I like the most.

    Thank you for sharing such knowledgeable piece

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