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Sacred Heart School — Case Study

Sacred Heart Schools - Visitor Management Software Case Study

Sacred Heart School Implements KeepnTrack to better manage visitors, volunteers, and students.

Sacred Heart School in California was looking for a better way to track, manage, and report on everyone who stepped foot in their facility. In the past, Sacred Heart’s Special Projects educator, Kelly Wood, would manually record volunteer hours and student tardy slips by hand. Additionally, the school’s visitors were able to roam the school without any identification after signing in at the front desk.

Introduction to Sacred Heart School

As a preschool, elementary, and high school, Sacred Heart School is an independent group of Catholic institutions located in California. Under a curriculum guided by its mission and educational philosophy, Sacred Heart provides opportunities for students in every aspect of the learning experience.

The Challenge

Kelly found the task of manually recording, managing, and entering parent volunteer hours tedious and time-consuming, especially when trying to calculate total hours for volunteers.

Furthermore, there was a growing concern when it came to tracking and managing school visitors. Visitors were allowed to roam the school without any identification after signing in at the front desk. Kelly and Sacred Heart administrators were looking for an added layer of security to identify visitors and quickly deny entrance to potential threats.

Lastly, Kelly oversaw student attendance. Like volunteer hours, Kelly manually recorded and managed student tardy slips—another time-consuming task that required meticulous reporting.

Kelly was in search of a student, volunteer, and visitor software solution all rolled in one that could save her time and improve their sign-in processes.

Introduction to KeepnTrack

KeepnTrack is a visitor, volunteer, and student management software that allows administrators to efficiently monitor all people entering and exiting their facility. KeepnTrack is a facility management solution that benefits schools by:

  • Increasing efficiency through enabling guests to automatically register themselves with a simple scan of their driver’s license. The system then prints color-coded badges to give administrators the ability to differentiate each visitor, volunteer, or student.
  • Reducing administrative cost through eliminating staff time that is wasted manually calculating volunteer hours, tracking volunteer activities, checking in guests, organizing paper documents, or attempting to locate historical records.
  • Mitigating liability through replacing unreliable paper sign-in forms with dynamic reports created from electronic documentation. Identify threats before they gain access to your campus by running instant sex offender and criminal background checks.

The Results

Since 2007, Kelly at Sacred Heart School has used KeepnTrack to replace time-consuming tasks, develop a process for accurate reporting, and improve the overall security of each school’s location.

By implementing KeepnTrack, Sacred Heart School has streamlined their volunteer program by automating all data collection, calculation, and storage while removing the potential for human error. The program also tracks hours and expenses for tax and reporting purposes so Kelly can access data at any point to boost fundraising efforts.

The school has taken a proactive approach to campus safety by using KeepnTrack to vet every individual who enters their facility while storing their information about their visit. Each visitor’s information is screened against the national sex offender registry. If any possible matches are found, an onsite staff member is immediately notified.

Sacred Heart School can track and report on student late arrivals and print tardy slips. KeepnTrack saves Kelly’s time by recording and storing the date, time, and reason, as well as quickly printing out the student’s tardy slip. At any point, Kelly or one of the other Sacred Heart administrators can access student attendance information, and the number of tardies is easily accessible by reports.
“KeepnTrack has helped our school for many years. We started using it from the very beginning before it was web-based and it was just a software from a very small company. We use it for parent check-in and keeping track of parent volunteer hours. Students also use it to check-in when getting a tardy. Over the years it has evolved in helping for security purposes.” - Kelly Wood, Sacred Heart School

KeepnTrack is dedicated to empowering educators so they can focus on what matters most.

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