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End of the Year Clean-up Procedures

Over the course of the year KeepnTrack will be adding every person that comes through the door (and checks in) to your person records. Having all these records begs the question, what do we do with them at the end of the year?
Now, for some classifications of people like students, staff, and vendors, you may desire to leave them in the system and just update the information for them. For others like visitors and volunteers, you might be wondering if you should have them removed and re-added at the start of the new year.

These processes will want to be established on a group level, as each facility or district will have slightly different ways of wanting to deal with these persons. Once the admin team has set up these stipulations KeepnTrack has a wide variety of tools to get these changes made as easily and quickly as possible.



In the Tools portion of the Admin panel you will find the Utilities module. In this section, you will find all of the Removal and mass clean up options for your Person records. You will want to be aware that once you remove a person from the system, all history or past check-in information will be removed for that person as well.

You can specify which people to remove via the Classification groupings, Effective or Expiration Dates, or any combination of fields to select from a single person to a group of peoples. For further assistance in removing person records, check out our support center.



Just like with Utilities, the Imports feature is located in the Admin panel under the Tools section. Using this feature will allow for you to quickly add your new Students or any other pre-approved persons, or to update and correct any information with People that are still remaining in the system.

By matching on certain key pieces of information (see the link below for details) the import process will fully change the contents of an existing person’s record to make sure the most current information is available at all times. This also means that for individuals with limited access based upon Effective and Expirations dates, you can quickly correct those date ranges and have their accounts suspended in bulk when necessary. Importing can be a very useful tool and is not just limited to use during the beginning or end of the school year.

For additional information on Imports and mass updating visit this page of our support center.

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