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January 4, 2017
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February 8, 2017

What People Are Really Saying About KeepnTrack

KeepnTrack is more than just visitor, student and volunteer management. We have been serving security for years across the U.S. Check out what people have been saying.


  • Super fast

I volunteer at my daughter’s school, and it’s ten times quicker to sign in and out with this software than it ever was with the sign in sheets. – OV


Time is important in any business/volunteer/school setting. Our systems are designed to be quick and easy to use for anyone.


  • Reports and tracking

We have been using keepntrack for 6 years and it has been a great addition to our charter school. It has allowed parents to check in late arriving students and early dismissals. We can track all the volunteer hours for the year, which is handy when applying for grants. Staff checks in and out daily and during a fire drill we can pull up a report that shows all the staff that is onsite. We get comments all the time from parents who are impressed with our keepntrack. – Tammy Pryce


KeepnTrack’s software is one you can use for more than just checking people in. You can see reports, track staff, and manager your entire team.


  • Making life easier

My school uses Keepntrack to check students in and out of clubs, study hall, etc. It’s very difficult to keep track of 700 students who’s schedules change weekly, sometimes daily. As the only nurse here, I need to keep teachers advised of student’s health needs. Keepntrack was willing to take a suggestion and add it to our screen. This will make my job 10 times simpler. Thank you!! – Katie Morton


Many of our customers love how much simpler we make their jobs. We listen to our customers and make things better for them.

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