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February 8, 2017
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March 9, 2017

Don’t Overlook This Important Security Tool

It seems like schools everywhere are always finding new technologies to make their campuses a safer place.
Many of these campuses need upgrades and/or new ways to protect their students and faculty.

Today, there are many video camera products and softwares used to monitor what goes on in the halls of schools and outside the school walls.
There are different kinds of door and window locks meant to protect the student body and make it easier for personnel to use.
But one often overlooked security tool is a front desk check-in system.

Why is it so important to have a check-in system put into place?

First, there is nothing more important than knowing who is in your school. From visitor and volunteer,
to mom and dad picking up their child, knowing who is on campus is needed.
More than just knowing “who” is in the school, imaging knowing the person’s background.
Knowing if you should keep a close eye on them or refuse to let them past the front office because they have a criminal record or are a sex -offender.

Along with check-in systems, knowing which child has left for lunch, a doctor’s appointment,
for another reason is very important and should be documented and reported on.

Many schools note check-ins and outs by paper. But more needs to be done for accuracy, speed, safety, and reporting.

KeepNTrack offers a visitor, volunteer, and student management software that tracks every person,
checks their background, and saves their data in the system for the next time they enter.

Who’s on your campus?

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